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Road to 24k Challenge: Week 5


Argentina is a very popular destination for travel and vacations to South America. With gorgeous landscapes and distinct geography, the country attracts nature lovers and adventurers who are eager to explore its many different terrains. In addition to natural beauty, the country of Argentina boasts thrilling nightlife, exquisite food, lively music, and intriguing history and culture. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this fun 10 km ride through Argentina. 

Rio Lemay

The bulk of this ride has you cycling along the Rio Lemay. This gorgeous river provides incredible views of the country as you cycle and get some great exercise. It flows through northwestern Argentina Patagonia through the region of Comahue. The river originates from Nahuel Huapi Lake and continues for 380 km. Enjoy the beautiful views all along this route.

Mirador El Dedo

As you continue along, you’ll get to see Mirador El Dedo. This quick hiking route is a great trail for those looking to enjoy the beauty and see the famous Dedo de Dios. This rock formation is said to resemble God’s finger and attracts many visitors to see the natural structure. Take in the views of the landscape as you continue along this exciting route. 

Valle Encantado

Valle Encantado, called the Enchanted Valley in English, is as captivating and beautiful as it sounds. Along this cycling route, you’ll get to see some incredible views of this famous landscape. The valley runs from the Andes range to the Patagonian Steppes. This drastic change in the landscape provides for a truly epic and beautiful range of natural views and scenery that is sure to provide excellent entertainment for this section of the Challenge ride. 


For Day 16 of the January Challenge ride series you’ll get to cycle this fun and entertaining ride through the romantic and gorgeous country of Portugal. Take in the beauty of this curated ride and enjoy cycling while getting some quality exercise on this challenging ride. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Day 16 in Portugal. 


This 8 km ride through Portugal starts in the scenic town of Prados. Start this entertaining ride in this town where you can catch a glimpse of the Igreja de Prados church. Portugal has an incredibly rich history filled with religious significance and culture. Get warmed up in this beautiful area of Portugal as you gear up for the rest of the sights on this ride. 

Barragem de Salgueirais

As you continue on this ride through Portugal, you will pass through the Barragem de Salgueirais. This landscape offers scenic views and is popular with tourists to visit and enjoy the natural lands of this area of Portugal. From this area, you can get some incredible views of the Serra de Estrela and the Penha de Prados. 

This scenic landscape is full of beautiful bodies of water surrounded by incredible mountain peaks, trees, and enchanting meadows. Take in the sights of this natural beauty as you continue your way through the second half of the Portugal ride.

Castelo de Linhares da Beira

The Castelo de Linhares da Beira is located in the enchanting Portuguese municipality of Linhares. The medieval castle transports you through time as you continue your cycling journey with VZfit. The castle is located towards the last stretch of this curated 8 km ride through Portugal. 

Built at the end of the 12th century, the Castelo de Linhares da Beira sits organically adapted to the rugged terrain the structure sits on. Enjoy the architecture and medieval history as you finish this entertaining ride through Portugal. 


One of the most beloved aspects of the Scandinavian country of Sweden is its incredible natural scenery and wildlife. In many ways, visiting Sweden feels like traveling to an entirely different world filled with dramatic natural features, epic mountain ranges, and extreme winters that offer a gorgeous and picturesque scene. 


As you begin this lengthy ride through Sweden, you’ll pass over Vallsundsbron. Vallsundsbron, or the Vallsund Bridge, is a gorgeous bridge connecting the scenic island of Frösön with the rest of the Swedish mainland. As you cycle across this bridge, take in the epic sights. With gorgeous views of the water and Swedish landscape, you’ll deeply enjoy this start off to what is sure to be a fun and adventurous ride through the Scandinavian country. Cycle your way onto the island of Frösön from the mainland and get ready for even more sights and beauty on this curated ride. 


On this ride through Sweden, you’ll get to cross two incredible bridges connecting the Swedish mainland to the island of Frösön. Both of these bridges cross over Storsjön offering amazing views of the magical water. Enjoy the views as you pass over the 5th largest lake in Sweden. The island of Frösön is within the waters of this epic late. 

Storsjön is supposedly home to a monster similar to the Loch Ness monster. The monster, called locally the Storsjöodjuret, is a cryptid lake monster surrounded by wild tales of sightings of it. Enjoy the views and mystical nature of this epic lake as you continue to cycle through this area of Sweden. 


As you make your way to the end of the route, you’ll cross another bridge. This bridge called the Rödöbron will offer more epic views of Storsjön and its magical, watery views. Continue cycling and getting a great workout while you reach the end of this adventurous ride. 

Rödöbron connects the island of Frösön back to the Swedish mainland. Take in some final views of the epic beautiful country as you complete this 15 km curated right through the beautiful Scandinavian country. 


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