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Road to 24k Challenge: Week 2

Ride 4: Finland

As part of our Road to 24k ride series, we are taking you on a ride through this majestically beautiful country to see some of the beautiful views Finland offers!


The Finland ride starts in Kaivanto. This city is beautiful with lots of things for tourists to do. Located in the municipality of Tampere, there are plenty of saunas, nature walks, museums, boating, and fishing. On this ride, you’ll get to take in the beauty from the comfort of your own home and see the landscape of the Lakeland region of Finland. 

Kaivannon Selka

This beautiful body of water offers incredible views of the vast landscape. Tourists and visitors love to enjoy recreational activities on this body of water including fishing, boating, swimming, and nature walks.


Keep on cycling and you’ll get to see the small village of Vehoniemenkylä. This quaint village is in Kangasala, Pirkanmaa. As part of the Finnish Lakeland, you’ll get beautiful views of the water and small land masses as you continue your way on your route.

Matilan Salmi and Ukonlahti

As you near the end of the Finland ride, you’ll pass between Matilan Salmi and Ukonlahti. These two bodies of water in the gorgeous Lakeland area of Finland offer incredible views as you reach the end of this route. This part of the Day 4 Challenge ride takes you on the Saarikylientie road which will bring you to Hykonsalo island. This road continues on other islands in the Finnish Lakelands as well. 

Ride 5: Indonesia

Indonesia is a culturally rich country with beautiful views. It is the largest archipelago in the world consisting of many islands. On Day 5 of the January Challenge, you’ll get to travel to Indonesia! Let’s dive deeper into this ride.

Sungai Seruyan River

As you start your exciting ride through the Kalimantan region of Indonesia, you’ll work your way toward the Sungai Seruyan river. Kalimantan is the Indonesian region of the island of Borneo. Take in the vivid greens and blues of the natural and lush landscape. This beautiful river, also called the Pembuang river, is an amazing place to take in some of the beautiful landscapes of the island. Surrounded by dense forests, these are known for serving as habitats for orangutans and a myriad of other animals and plants. 

Asam Baru Bridge

Towards the end of the Indonesia ride, you’ll make your way toward the Sungai Seruyan river. Crossing the Asam Baru Bridge will take you over the Pembuang River. Take in the beautiful views of the river and dense forest of Kalimantan island and the country of Indonesia. 

Ride 6: California

On Day 6 of the January Challenge, you’ll get to experience a beautiful ride through a historic part of California. Take a trip to the Golden State and get exercise while taking in gorgeous natural views. Let’s get into some of the sights you’ll see on this ride through California!

Donner Pass

Donner Pass is an epically beautiful mountain pass that goes through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hundreds of years ago, this mountain pass used to be a perilous and dangerous step of the journey for pioneers migrating from the Midwest to California including the Donner Party. This pass offers incredible views from the 7,000+ feet elevation of the Sierra Nevada mountain range as well as Donner Lake beneath it. 

Boreal Mountain

As you make your way on this ride, you’ll get to take in the majesty of the Boreal Mountain. This ridge sits on the major highway 80 that crosses the entire United States. The mountains of California are truly incredible.

Sugar Bowl Resort

Towards the south, you’ll see the Sugar Bowl Resort on this route. This resort consists of various mountain peaks used for winter recreation such as skiing and snowboarding. Mount Judah and Mount Lincoln are two of the epic California mountain peaks you’ll get to view during this ride. 

Donner Lake

Further down the route, you’ll pass by Donner Lake on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada. This lake offers beautiful views of a crystal clear freshwater lake bordered by gorgeous forests and views of the mountains. It’s no wonder this area of California is a popular place for both summer and winter recreation. 

We hope you enjoyed week 2 of our Road to 24k Challenge, and get ready for week 3!


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