VZfit Suggested Ride: Mohelno, Czechia

The Czech Republic is a gorgeous and unique country in Central Europe. Throughout history, it has frequently been referred to as Bohemia. The country is bordered by Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia in an area with a rich cultural and arts history that is reflected in the architecture and villages throughout the country.

Mohelno, where this fun and quick 15 km route explores, is part of the Vysočina region of the country. This region is settled in between two different ranges of the Bohemian-Moravian Mountains. The ranges, called Žďárské vrchy and Jihlavské vrchy provide scenic and beautiful views as you make your way along this fun and gorgeous curated ride through the villages and countryside of Mohelno, Czechia.

Údolí Oslavy a Chvojnice

As you start this fun and exciting ride through Czechia, you’ll pass the borders of Údolí Oslavy a Chvojnice. This is a beautiful and scenic park showing off some of the natural beauty of this region. This natural reserve features beautiful woods and waterways showcasing some of the wonderful rivers and forests that make this country so beautiful. Starting the ride through Mohelno and the surrounding regions in Czechia.

The Oslavy Valley which this natural park runs through is surrounded by hard rocks and formations that give the appearance of a canyon like terrain throughout the natural reserve. Take in the beautiful sights of this landscape as you make your way through this fun and exhilarating workout ride.

Kralice nad Oslavou

As you reach about the halfway point of this quick 15 km ride, you’ll pass through the Czech village of Kralice nad Oslavou. The village is a wonderful place to visit and peruse. Many people come to visit the wonderful and intriguing village. Kralice nad Oslavou features traditional Czech architecture and culture for visitors and tourists coming to take it all in. Tourists come to see the museums, amusement parks, churches and castles. The village is truly a wonderful mix of entertainment and history for those looking to get the full Czech experience.

From the curated route, you’ll get a glimpse of this cool and intriguing little Czech town. Keep on pedaling as you make your way through more history, culture, and natural beauty on the second half of this ride.

Obora Kralice

One of the best things about this curated Suggested Ride through Czechia is the great mix of nature and traditional cultural villages in a short but exhilarating ride. Part of the fun of the VZfit ride series is the ability to transport yourself to a new place and get a feel for what it is like there. As you continue through the second half of this 15 km route, you will pass by the Obora Kralice. This is a scenic and beautiful park. It is very popular for its walking trails and natural views.

Tourists often come to walk these grounds to see the absolutely beautiful deer that reside in the area and local ecosystem. Their ornamental and beautiful antlers are enough to draw anyone’s attention. Enjoy the sights as you make your way past this beautiful park on your ride.


During this fun ride through the Vysočina region of Czechia, you’ll come through the village of Jinošov. This quaint town sits on the eastern border of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The beautiful and scenic landscape provides great entertainment as you continue to cycle. In the town, you will pass through Obora Jinošov which features natural beauty and a body of water to take in. The sights of this town are truly incredible and will motivate you to continue on to finish the last ¼ of your ride.


The Suggested Ride: Mohelno, Czechia comes to a finish in the town of Pukov. As you finish the ride, you will cross over the Pucovský potok. This waterway crosses the route and is a popular destination for tourists and fishermen. You’ll get to take in the scenes of the beautiful Vysočina region of Czechia as you get to rest after a well-earned workout through the natural features and traditional villages of the country.

Summary Of Mohelno, Czechia

This curated and beautiful 15 km through the Vysočina region of Czechia will provide amazing and entertaining views. In this short ride, you’ll get to see both the traditional cultural architecture and villages of the country and the natural and dramatic features of the landscape. The Vysočina region of Czechia sits between Bohemian-Moravian mountain ranges and provides epic views. Experiencing the beauties and wonders of a faraway land and country is truly such an incredible experience. With the VZfit Suggested Ride series, you get to transport yourself to places all over the world while getting a workout. Enjoy the curated ride through Bohemia and Czechia in central Europe.


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