VZfit Suggested Ride: Nordland, Norway

Scandinavia offers some of the most adventurous and sublime natural features in the world. With staggeringly tall mountains, glaciers and gorgeous coastlines, the Scandinavian country of Norway supplies incredible landscapes and scenic views for visitors and locals alike.

On the VZfit Suggested Ride: Nordland, Norway, you’ll get to experience the striking beauty of small islands off the country’s coast while biking across a bridge that takes you to the mainland. Views include beautiful, sharp, and exhilarating snow-capped peaks and mountain ranges as well as views of the coast line, neighboring islands, and quaint villages along the way. Let’s dive into what you can expect to experience on this curated 8.8 km ride.

Stor Buoya

As you begin this VZfit ride, you’ll start to cross the roadway which will take you from the neighboring islands into the mainland. The first island you encounter and cycle through in Stor Buoya. The small 150-acre island with beautiful views all around. Whether taking in the coastline or gorgeous landscape on the island itself, it is a fantastic way to start this ride.

Lille Buoya

As you make your way across the channel and bridges connecting these tiny and scenic islands to the mainland, you’ll pass Lille Buoya to the east across the Kubbholmieia. Take in these great sights as you continue to get a great workout with VZfit.


The next island you pass as you make your way across the channel and bridges is Kubbholmen. Enjoy the crystal water and take in the gorgeous views. This is an exciting and great way to take in the landscapes and sea.


Once you cross the channels and bridges on this VZfit Suggested Ride, you will cycle Avloysinga. This is the last island you will cycle on before reaching the mainland. This one of the largest islands offering views of the rugged coastlines. Keep cycling and reach the mainland for even more incredible views of the wild nature in the Scandinavian country of Norway.


As you cycle towards the mainland, you enter the village of Fredvang in Norland County, Norway. It is located on the island of Moskenesoya in the Lofoten archipelago. The isolated village offers an experience of the road less traveled to satisfy the adventurous spirit in those who travel there. It is only accessible by the roads on the Fredvang Bridges which connects this quaint and culturally-rich village to the rest of the country.

Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika Beach is one of the highlights of this VZfit Suggested Ride through Nordland, Norway. It offers stellar and amazing views of the beach. The rocky and rough shores are framed by the incredible peaks that seem to circle the scenic views. Take in the amazingly beautiful sights of the sea juxtaposed against these ancient mountains formed by glaciers long ago.

Many of the tourists who do trek to this hidden gem in the country feel as though they are entering another world when stepping onto the beach. Take these picturesque images in as you continue to cycle through this amazing curated ride through Nordland, Norway.


Lofoten is the peninsula where much of this curated and scenic cycling ride takes place. The colors of the landscape are rich and inspiring and sure to give you plenty of incredible entertainment as you tap into your adventurous spirit while getting a great workout. Lofoten is not the most popular tourist destination but this may be for the best. The lack of popularity makes it a hidden gem for those looking to experience the remote and wild natural beauty of Scandinavia.

The islands, mountains, and coastlines making up the incredible islands of Lofoten are truly some of the most stunning areas in the country. The juxtaposition of the majestic and magical mountains providing gorgeous landscapes as well as the pure white sandy beaches is quite the contrast from many of the other places we get to experience.

In A Nutshell

The VZfit Suggested Ride: Nordland, Norway is a fun and thrilling 8.8 km ride through the Lofoten Islands and neighboring peninsulas. The ride crosses incredible bridges and challenges through the small side islands providing incredibly inspiring and awesome views of the sea and far off coasts. With so much to take in on this ride, you’ll want it to go on forever and may even plan a trip out to this stunning area of the Scandinavian country of Norway.

On this ride, you’ll get to see incredible mountain views, coastline scenic points, white sand beaches, rugged coasts, and more, all while getting a great workout. Enjoy!


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