VZfit Suggested Ride: Magallanes y la Antartica, Chile

VZfit Suggested Rides give you the opportunity to get some great exercise while experiencing the landscapes and cultures of far away places. This specific ride will take you through the wild and rugged terrain of Chile. This region of the world features epic natural features and beautiful landscapes for visitors to take in. On this ride, you’ll get a taste of the majestic mountains and rugged terrain of this beautiful country.

On this quick 9.9 km ride through the rugged and remote region of Chile, you’ll get a great workout while seeing one of the least populated regions of the country. Its small population lends to the beauty of its natural beauty as it maintains the feelings of being untouched by modern society. Take a bit to relax in nature from a far away country from the comfort of your home. The staggering mountains and vast nature will have you feeling like you traveled across the world for your workout.

Magallanes y la Antártica

The Magallanes y la Antartica are famous for their natural and rugged terrain. The beauty of this South American country is truly amazing. The massive granite peaks and ranges of mountains are set in colorful and vivid meadows and crystal blue bodies of water. The region contains mountain ranges and glaciers making for epic views along the Suggested Ride through the area.

The Magallanes y la Antartica region of Chile was one of the last to be colonized and populated in the country. This has allowed it to remain largely untouched by development and allows it to maintain its rugged, wild and free energy. We’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing the sights and landscapes of this largely remote and rugged region on this 9.9 km ride. The best part of the VZfit version of the ride is that you won’t have to travel across the world or endure the extreme climate of this region!

Torres Del Paine National Park

The Torres del Paine National Park is a preserved and protected region in this part of Chile. It is home to magnificent views and landscapes showcasing many of the natural features of the terrain in this part of the world. Some of the highlights of the Torres Del Paine National Park include the three massive and staggering granite peaks of the Paine Mountain Range. The mountains are named Torres d’Agostini, Torres Central and Torres Monzino. With heights of over 8,200 ft (2,500 m), they impose a beautiful and staggering presence over the rest of the terrain.

The Paine Massif of the National Park is the most notable element of the terrain. The range frames out the landscape and provides amazing and epic views of the unique and majestic landscapes of this region in Chile. The park itself is famous for its forceful and strong winds. Luckily, with VZfit, you won’t have to face the powerful winds and you’ll still get to enjoy the epic views along the way.

Lago El Toro

The Lago El Toro is one of the main waterways flowing through this region of the Magallanes y la Antartica. The lake is also referred to as the Del Toro Lake or Lago Toro. This translates into the Lake of the Bull. The name is aptly dubbed on this body of water as many of the local residents and visitors describe the anger and force of this lake. While it is a lake, the wind and shape of the body of water allow it to form swells of up to 4m in height. These swells have earned this lake the name of the Bull due its ferocity and how it is always angry like a bull, as many describe it. [Text Wrapping Break]From your VZfit Suggested Ride, you’ll get to take in the epic views of this large body of water as you make your way along the route. Luckily, you won’t have to face the fierce swells of the Lago El Toro from your ride and still get to take in the sights while getting a workout.

In A Nutshell

The VZfit Suggested Ride: Magallanes y la Antartica, Chile offers a unique experience to a road less traveled in a remote region of the beautiful South American country. Riders will get to see the mountains and glaciers of the Torres Del Paine National Park as well as the epic and fierce Lago El Toro. This quick 9.9 km ride offers a quick workout and beautiful ride through an amazing and majestic landscape. Enjoy the ride!


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