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VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa

The VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa takes you on a virtual vacation to a culturally diverse region with enchanting landscapes. On this 8.6 km ride through the port city of Cape Town on the southwestern coast of South Africa, you’ll get to take in quite a bit of incredible views that will have you entertained as you get your workout in.

The VZfit Suggested Rides are curated to showcase some of the most beautiful places in the world. Most of us haven’t had the experience of taking all these things in in-person but having the opportunity to see what the landscape and natural features of far away places have to offer is truly incredible.

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most exciting regions in South Africa. It gained worldwide interesting during the dark history of Apartheid. It is the home country of the famous Nelson Mandela who became the first president of South Africa and was celebrated for his anti-apartheid activism. Outside of the dark history, the country is famous for its art, culture, and music. Cape Town is a colorful and eclectic city filled with fun and extravagant culture and delicious authentic cuisine.

Take this curated and quick ride through a beautiful route on this VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll get to see some of the beautiful architecture as well as the coastline and sea.

Chapmans Peak Drive

The VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa runs 8.6 km along the Chapmans Peak Drive. This road goes along the coast and shows some epic views of local beaches, hiking trails, and the Chapmans Peak itself. The Chapmans Peak Drive is a popular destination for those looking to take a nice and relaxing drive while taking in some of the most beautiful views in the country along the cape.

The drive goes along the western side of the cape peninsula. It wraps around the mountain and offers views of the gorgeous Hout Bay. This area is host to many mountain hiking trails as well as beaches.

Long Beach

Long Beach is aptly named for its long and narrow shores. Many people enjoy a nice walk along the scenic Long Beach as they take in the sights of Chapman’s Peak and the Hoyt Bay. Many families and tourists frequent these beaches. One of the most popular times to explore the shores of Long Beach is in the evening to catch the captivating and vibrant sunsets juxtaposed with the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay is a port town in South Africa and also the name for the body of water itself. The Chapmans Peak Drive traverses the epic coastline that wraps around Hout Bay. It is very popular for visitors and tourists and is host to many beaches where people get to take in the sun and beauty of this amazing cape peninsula.

The enchanting sea-side town of Hout Bay is host to many tourist destinations like vineyards, restaurants, bars, and shops. On this ride you’ll get to take in the views of the picturesque bay that brings so many people to its shores for rest and relaxation.

Chapmans Peak

Chapmans Peak is the mountain that the drive and curated route from VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa is based on. It is an epic mountain and a highlight on the Cape Peninsula. Chapmans Peak sits on the western side of the Cape between Hout Bay and Noordhoek.

The mountain has made it a very popular spot to visit and provides great views and scenes as you make your way along the route. You’ll get to look one way and see the beauty of the beachy shores and sea and then look the other way to take in the epic mountain. It is truly an incredible ride.

In A Nutshell

This VZfit Suggested Ride: Cape Town, South Africa is a wonderfully curated route for a great workout and epic views. The towns and culture of South Africa give it an enchanting and exciting charm while the natural features of the sea and mountains make it a beautiful environment to look at. It makes perfect sense as to why the Chapmans Peak drive would be such a popular place for people to come and visit and take in everything this port town has to offer. Enjoy the ride and take in the wonderful colors and natural features as you get a great workout in with VZfit.


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