VZfit Suggested Ride: State Of Alagoas, Brazil

The VZfit Suggested Ride: State of Alagoas, Brazil takes you on an adventurous virtual workout through the beautifully scenic area of the gorgeous South American country. There are many famous areas and towns to visit in the country of Brazil but up until recently, the State of Alagoas was infrequently visited by tourists. On this 24.9 km ride, you’ll get to experience the scenery and terrain of a beautiful country that you may otherwise never have gotten the chance to see.

The ride is a great workout and lets you work up a sweat while traveling country roads and little towns in the State of Alagoas. Let’s take a look at some of the places you’ll cycle through on this curated VZfit Suggested Ride through Brazil.

Atalaia, State Of Alagoas

The fun and scenic challenge ride starts off in the municipality of Atalaia in the State of Alagoas. This town is slowly gaining popularity as a tourist destination. The lush plant life of the area gives it a tropical feel. Many people come to visit this city to see the natural reserve sanctuary and the Lago Azul, a body of water with vivid and stunning blue water.

With the rise of ecotourism and interest in sustainability and environmentally-friendly travel, there are many eco-hostels and places to stay that allow tourists to experience the natural environment and ecosystems of the area. While you won’t get to stay in one of these cool little eco-friendly spaces, you’ll get to take in the scenery that inspires people to preserve the natural beauty.


As you continue to cycle through this curated ride, you’ll come through the municipality of Porangaba. There are many fun things for tourists to do as well as gorgeous places to stay in this area as the State of Alagoas gains popularity for those vacationing to Brazil. Palm trees and subtropical plants decorate the landscape to provide beautiful views that will have you feeling like you are on vacation through your virtual ride.

Riding through this area will give you views of the terrain and wide open sky. Brazil has beautiful weather and this can be seen through the vivid blue skies and greenery in the terrain. The scenes and landscape are sure to break up your workout routine and give you something serene to look at as you break a sweat.

Boca da Mata

As you wrap up this 24.9 km ride through the State of Alagoas, Brazil, you’ll end in Boca da Mata. This municipality is another tourist destination featuring beautiful places to stay and things to do. The road that this VZfit Suggested Ride takes you through a small residential area that will have you feel like you are truly traveling the road less traveled. While traveling scenic and popular tourist destinations is also fun, this ride through the State of Alagoas, Brazil takes you to places that feel like they are new and unexplored by most tourists.

State Of Alagoas

The State of Alagoas in Brazil is not the most popular vacation destination but has grown immensely in popularity over the years as visitors take in the beauty and authenticity of the small towns and beautiful landscape. Alagoas is one of the smallest Brazilian states in the area and is not highly populated. The main economy of the region relies on the farming and growing of sugarcane and coconut. You’ll pass through some farmland and open spaces that are used for this purpose.

Alagoas is home to some of the richest folklore in the area. The state is host to many museums showcasing artifacts, costumes, and crafts from the area’s rich history and culture. Many of the festivals and dances from the Afro-Brazilian cultural festivities are honored in this area to highlight the rich history, arts, and crafts from the area.

In A Nutshell

The VZfit Suggested Ride: State of Alagoas, Brazil allows you to transport yourself to a very different world and culture from the comfort of your own home. In addition to getting to take in the landscape of this beautiful place, you’ll also get a great workout with the 24.9 km ride. The curated route takes you through country roads, farmland, small villages, and wide open spaces through the beautiful country of Brazil. Alagoas and the towns on this route are not the most popular tourist destination but this adds to the experience of being taken away to cycle through the road less traveled. Enjoy the ride and take in the beauty of the South American country of Brazil.


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