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VZfit Suggested Ride: Westfjords, Iceland

Iceland is a very popular vacation destination. The Westfjords region of the Nordic Iceland island is particularly epic and beautiful. As one of the least populated areas of the country, the WestFjords region of Iceland offers majestic and natural beauty that makes you feel like you have been transported to a remote and untouched world.

The area lies on the Denmark Strait separating the Westfjords peninsula of Iceland from the nearby country of Greenland. This VZfit Suggested Ride offers a great and rewarding physical challenge through 95 km of natural and amazing beauty. Through this ride you will see the fjords for which the region is named as well as mountain peaks, waterfalls, and coastal views of the Denmark Strait. Let’s look into all the beautiful things you’ll pass through on your ride through Westfjords, Iceland.


This Suggested Ride starts in the village of Þingeyri. This coastal town sits on the Dýrafjörður fjord. It is one of the oldest and longest inhabited settlements on this Western fjord. The small village sits on one of the most beautiful fjords in the country. Starting the ride here offers amazing and epic views of the fjords as well as scenic coastal points of interest and mountainous views.

Starting in this town is the perfect mix of traditional Icelandic village life as well as the epic natural elements that surround it. From here, your way south through the Westfjords.

Sandafell Mountain

The Sandafell Mountain is a small mountain offering incredible views of the coast, country, and fjords. While you won’t be scaling the Sandafell Mountain on this ride, you may see its peak as you make your way through the first section of this Suggested Ride through enchanting Iceland. As you get your workout, look out and see if you can spot the beautiful peak of Sandafell Mountain. It is a popular destination for those visiting the area for its hiking and scenic outlooks.


This epic and challenging ride is curated to showcase the untouched natural beauty of the WestFjords in Iceland. While the Nordic island has risen tremendously in popularity over recent years, this region of fjords has remained much less traveled. The result is the amazing feelings of experiencing something untouched and remote. The sheer awesomeness of this epic beauty is bound to instill feelings of inspiration and love for the landscape.

One of the reasons for the lack of foot traffic in this area is that the fjords are really only accessible from May to October. There is a lot of space between the dramatic natural features and visiting the area requires a bit of driving to see the most epic parts. With this ride, you’ll get to experience the natural beauty without braving the cold or travel times and get to see all the dramatic natural beauty of this incredible area.


The Dynjandi is a wild series of waterfalls in the WestFjords region. These amazing dramatic water systems are part of the Arnarfjörður fjord. The word Dynjandi translates to “thunderous” which is the perfect way to describe the intense sound you experience when visiting and passing the epic waterfalls. On this route, you will go through the town of Dynjandi and pass the region where these waterfalls reside.

The Dynjandi waterfall itself is the tallest one in the series. Other waterfalls in the region include Háifoss, Úðafoss, Göngufoss, Hundafoss and Bæjarfoss. Seeing waterfalls on the dramatic fjords of this region of the Nordic Island is quite the experience and sure to offer great entertainment while you make your way through this 95 km ride.

Denmark Strait

The Denmark Strait separates the Nordic island of Iceland from Greenland. The epic coastal views along this route show the various waterways making their way through the Westfjords region of Iceland as well as the Denmark Strait. There’s something different about Scandinavian and Nordic coasts that are sure to be very entertaining and beautiful for you to experience on your ride. Keep your eye out for amazing scenic looks at the Denmark Strait as you make your way through this incredible and physically rewarding VZfit Suggested Ride.

Recap Of Westfjords

This Suggested Ride through the Westfjords region of Iceland is a beautiful ride through the dramatic landscape of the region. The 95 km ride starts in the town of Þingeyri, also called Thingeyri, and makes its way south along the coast. The ride offers views of the Sandafell Mountain as well as the Dynjandi waterfalls. The route goes through the fjords of the region and provides scenic views of this remote and infrequently traveled road through an amazing part of Iceland. The ride finishes in the town of Vesturbyggð. The town of Vesturbyggð is a great vacation destination featuring hot springs and even more views of the expansive and incredible Westfjords.


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