VZFit Featured in Washington Post

A sun-kissed mountain peak beckons me to keep pedaling. I glance to both sides, taking in views of serene waters mingling with grassy fields.  -“How virtual reality can enhance indoor cycling”, Washington Post Back in November our CEO, Eric Janszen, traveled to New York to meet with Vicky Hallett to show her VZfit.  They had … Read more

Better City Rides In Explorer

  People have always wanted to “ride Paris” in VZfit Explorer, and the new City mode makes that better than ever! City rides have long been problematic for Explorer because the depth information about buildings is often incorrect leading to bad perspectives and unnecessary stretching, and there are more cars and people in the road … Read more

Soar The Open Skies

SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY Keep Flying, VZfit Play’s 11th game, and the 3rd in our Pegasus series, offers the advanced VZfit player a unique experience and challenge that brings new life to our canyon level, both in gameplay and design- and is available today! Spring Has Come to the Canyon The first thing you … Read more

UFO Sighted on Mount Rainier!

Other reports coming in from across the country! On June 24th, 1947 Kenneth Arnold was piloting his Cali-Air A2 on a business trip from Chehalis, Washington to Yakima, Washington.  With weather conditions allowing for maximum visibility, Arnold decided to make a brief detour to Mount Rainier to see if he could spot a Marine transport … Read more

Upload Your Own Ride

You can now create custom rides for Explorer using Google My Maps. For instance Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, shown above, which we reconstructed from historical directions.  Because hey we’re from Boston! My Maps is already used by lots of people to plan trips, give directions, and map out cycling routes.  It runs on your PC … Read more

California Dreaming

GET READY FOR CALI RALLY! Welcome to Cali Rally, VZfit Play’s newest addition to the VZfit universe. This game is our 9th Play game and another in our cycling series. You have experienced the rolling hills and countryside of Le Tour now ride the cliffs of the California coastline. Check out the trailer below: Bikers, … Read more

Explore the Alps!

The Alps is one of the world’s top destinations for cycling, so we knew we needed to include part of it as a suggested ride in VZfit Explorer. We mapped out a 5 mile scenic route from France to the border or Switzerland, but the whole mountain range provides 1,200 km of beauty to explore! … Read more

Explorer Multiplayer is Here!

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that multiplayer is now available for VZfit Explorer! It’s now possible to ride and chat with another live player along the same route. This is an initial implementation of this feature that we look forward to improving based on your feedback! To get started, both players must … Read more