Year One Major Update

Year One Major Update In March of 2019 we officially launched VZfit and since then the response to the Sensor kit and VZfit Apps has been amazing. As of February our users are doing over 8 million spins per month! Over the last year we have made major improvements and additions to VZfit, and we … Read more

VZfit Update: March 2020

Explorer Fixed white dot stoppage when path lookup finds a nearer user-provided Streetview image than Google car image Made “resume” button come before “ride from start” and “ride from end” Fixed texture seam in female arm More saturated sky in City Mode Fixed re-centering using Quest hand controller button System Wide Support cadence and speed … Read more

VZfit Update: February 2020

Explorer New City Mode to reduce distortion, primarily in cities Projects Streetview images onto solid building geometry Overlays roads to cover up distorted cars Always flat to avoid elevation errors Tilt Steering option on the Quest, to turn with just your head like the Go Flipping through Comfort Mode now doesn’t reset your stored viewpoint … Read more

VZfit Update: January 2020

Explorer Fixed “gaps in white dots” that recently appeared in Streetview lookups Fixed crash when matching up with another rider in an open-ended ride Fixed blue parts of images when switching out of Comfort Mode Optimized gap fix to reduce network bandwidth Increased dot loading distance by 10m Fix Create Ride search issue Fix bike … Read more

VZfit Update: December 2019

Explorer Fixed distance shown when creating open-ended ride Also jump trainer over missing Streetview images Better handling of network connection dropouts Fixed rare crash when button falls asleep Fix for sideload build Fix renaming of KML uploaded rides Fix number of help tips Added miles/km toggle to Options menu Avoid rare blue screen at start … Read more

VZfit Update: November 2019

Explorer New path loading algorithm Fixes cases of being stuck on path with no white dots Minimizes image loading to improve performance Jump over parts of directions that don’t contain Streetview samples Better tracking of white dots and virtual motion over hills Fixed case of white dots persistently heading off road Added “Enable/Disable Highways” option … Read more

VZfit Update: October 2019

Explorer Improved frame-rate more on the Go Fixed rare crash reports These aren’t the distortion fixes you’ve been looking for, but make the Go a lot more playable when battery gets low! Play New Cali Rally cycling level Restored and improved frame-rate on Go 3rd person view options in cycling levels Mph option in cycling … Read more

VZfit Update: September 2019

Explorer Fix bike sometimes not moving at start Fix play-session logging for freemium players Handle authorization failures better Use tabs rather than buttons on Find Ride screen “A” button now rings bell (in preparation for multiplayer which is half done!) Fixed trainer scale Fixed long rides without trainer Reask for registration code after login error … Read more

VZfit Update: August 2019

Play Reduce startup time by 4 seconds Fix glitches in River Run due to non-pooled instantiations Improved rubber banding in Race-car levels Remove “no speech” icon from Race-car best-lap ghost Indicate to users in main menu when other users are ready to play head-to-head Fix Jailbreak running out of city sections after about 30 minutes … Read more