VZfit Update: May 2021

1.1.0 Update


Achievements Added
  • Available in game, on VZfit.com and in Oculus platform
  • Some of the achievements will look at past info but most will only work going forward

The following look at past history

    • Perfect Fit
    • Check This Out!
    • Tour Guide
    • Sherpa
    • Thumbs Up!
    • Double Digits
    • All Thumbs
    • Checkin’ You Out
    • Try This!
    • Just One More…
    • Suggestible
    • Highly Suggestible
    • Tour De VZfit
    • The Truth is Out There
  • VZfit will longer request access to storage in Oculus permissions when connecting a device
  • 72 FPS enabled in City Mode on Quest 2. Bringing it in line with Country Mode.
    • Quest 1 City Mode is still running at 60 FPS for performance stability
  • Adjusted the HIIT workout to cycle a bit slower at peaks
  • Fixed several issues with stuck riders
  • Fixed mute voice multiplayer bug after leaving/rejoining the same leader
  • Fixed a coin gathering bug that occurred after ‘jumping to next location’
  • Added a customization option for no socks and gloves
  • Character model improvements


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