VZfit Update: January 2021

1.31.2021 Update

Build:2/2/2021 1:30:43 pm

VZFit Explorer name changed to just VZFit in preparation for store release



  • Interactive fully voiced Welcome to VZfit Tutorial added
    • New Users will start with this tutorial
    • Tutorial is Excerboard based and requires only headset and controllers
  • Tutorial Menu added to main menu
  • Multiple video tutorial added covering the major features of VZfit
  • Tutorial video’s also can be accessed from the  icons throughout the game

Voice Over

  • New male and female voice over added through out the game
  • Voice over re-recorded for cycling trainer
  • New voice over added for Excerboard workouts. Your trainer will now offer move specific coaching
  • Voice options added to trainer menu for vocal coaching


  • Continent map filter added to Find Ride page
  • HIIT workout section lengths slightly adjusted
  • Difficulty now goes up to 10 for players to replicate steep climbs
  • Added Multiplayer on/off toggle in the pause menu, when in multiplayer, for rides for easier access
  • Auto Steer Watchdog added. This should look for autosteer snags coming up and teleport you past them.
  • Fixed map path offset
  • Snapshot feature UI update to make it more user friendly
  • Allow “loop” paths that start and end in the same place


  • Status box added to main menu to show current user status information
  • Monthly free ride now shows sorted first for free users along with the always free Colorado river ride
  • Monthly free ride now shows as quick playable for free users from the ride menu
  • Bluetooth plugin changes for last-device connection and missing make/model fields (may resolve some connection issues for some devices)
  • Bluetooth plugin information displayed during connection process
  • Hover help added to for items inaccessible in free mode
  • Better handling of Wifi Dropouts
  • Game will now pause when Oculus dashboard is up

New Store Items

  • Special event jerseys added for upcoming VRFS: Winter Games
    • Atom Bomb Body
    • OtterWorldly
    • GamerTag VR

1.19.21 Hotfix


  • Broke up the Grandma Strike.  They should be feeding the ducks again.
  • Resolved multiplayer spawning issues in Tank. Players should no longer spawn on top of each other.

1.3.21 Hotfix

  • Fixed a lost progression bug when switching from Bike to Standing mode
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling freezing on the map with the joystick
  • Devices menu no longer displays NONE when no devices is connected and instead is blank
  • Fixed connection issues with some FTMS devices
  • Fixed some connection issues with some cadence sensors
  • Fixed Hover text for EXIT button



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