VZfit Update: August 2020

Hotfix 8.27


  • Fix multiplayer route synchronization
  • Fixed jittery HUD and coin bonus after 78% of Dolomites ride
  • Fixed trainer head direction
  • Grey out “Online Matchup” button when “Matchups: Disabled” is selected
  • Higher resolution player shadow on Quest

Hotfix 8.22


  • Fix hitting coins when you go by instead of through them
  • Show total coins instead of session coins in HUD
  • Disable “low overhead” mode to try to fix rare blue blobs


Hotfix 8.19


  • Fixed first-time menu button behavior
  • Fix earning coins on open rides and after finish line
  • Show coins earned over session, not per ride
  • Add gray outline to coins icon to see against light sky


Hotfix 8.18


  • Fixed a new problem with “jumping ahead”, which was most evident on VRFS Bolivia ride
  • Option to toggle menu button into a compass
  • Sound effect for getting and spending coins
  • Duck music when trainer speaks
  • Tweaked coin icon size
  • More comfortable settings for customization UI
  • Fix for music station name change


Release 8.17


  • NEW You now earn coins for every km you ride, then can spend coins to customize your avatar!  Double your coins by finishing new rides.
  • Allow route paths that “double back”
  • More stable autosteering
  • Allow multiplayer riders to pass when both are autosteering
  • Pick your gender/skin color in customize menu, view is now closeup or far
  • Changed compass button to menu icon for clarity
  • Added first-time tooltip for main menu back button
  • Don’t show welcome messages over menu
  • Fixed trainer staying with you between rides


Hotfix 8.4


  • Fixed ride slopes with new data parsing
  • Handled all observed failures with new data parsing
  • Fixed issues with “jumping ahead” on paths


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