VZfit Update: August 2021

Milford Sound. Fiordland national park, New Zealand

1.3.0 Update

Challenge Events
  • Collect coins on a specific challenge ride, including while in multiplayer, during the event to earn themed outfit unlocks and Badges
  • Badges are a new special type of achievement that can only be earned if you participate in a scheduled Challenge
  • Challenge coins will show on challenge routes but you collect both normal and challenge coins when riding these rides

New UI Layout
  • Redesigned menus with a new navigation bar and more prominent buttons for Ride options
  • Riders will be greeted by the game with a Welcome message, important News, and VZCals Goal Tracking
  • You can set your VZCal goal for the week on your vzfit.com/account page
  • Multiplayer “Searching for Ride” Screen has been cleaned up
Comfort Mode Changes
  • Comfort mode has been rebuilt to match its original intent. The previous version of the mode was very limiting. This update enables us to now turn depth on for the images. It also means other riders and the trainer will remain close to you in a formation as opposed to disappearing into the distance.
  • A new option for simple versus complex depth has been added
    • Complex depth is what you previously only saw in Country mode. It is now available in Comfort mode as well
    • Simple depth is an option available in both Country and Comfort modes where the depth is a consistently drawn hemisphere, with a solid road surface beneath you and extending out from there. This should result in less depth artifacts close to the road and a more consistent image
  • Comfort mode now supports 1st ,3rd and No Person view
  • The background of the HUD will fill to show how close you are to progressing to the next image
  • Comfort mode no longer shows the “jumping to next location” message for very short jumps and they should appear seamless
  • Transition effect removed from Comfort mode
Odds & Ends
  • Updated Device Icon on Navigation Bar to better show the mode you are in
  • Added “No Person” Mode where the avatar is removed. This mode does have a safety warning
  • Customize the clothing options for both of the workout trainers using your unlocked clothing options
  • Ambient audio is now available for you to choose on each ride from the Pause menu panels. Suggested rides all have default audio preferences and will switch to that automatically when you swap to one, but can be overridden from the menu
  • Some frequently requested Snapshot poses have been added
  • Oculus Controllers represented in the game now look better


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