VZfit Update: June 2021

1.2.0 Update

Multiplayer Overhaul
  • Expanded Multiplayer to 5 riders in a party with ability to lock it if you want a smaller party
  • New collapsible Multiplayer HUD (persistent in game and most of the menus) with better options for muting and kicking players
  • Indicators in new Multiplayer HUD to know who is speaking

  • Multiplayer HUD is hidden in no HUD mode

  • Scrollable list of available players in the Join Ride screen

  • Trainer remains showing when other riders join you

  • Join Ride screen now shows ride locations

  • Join Ride filter to only look for Oculus friends

  • Earn ride progress and completion credit if you join a multiplayer ride that is close or below your current completion percent

  • Option to only ride in multiplayer with Oculus friends

  • Ability to send an Oculus friend request to someone in your ride party

New Store Items
  • Eyewear and helmets added as customization options
  • Color variations added across all categories
  • More customization options added in all categories


Account Flow Changes
  • Changed tutorial flow and added an option to skip
  • Creating a VZfit Account now initiates the FREE version of the app
  • Trial can be started at any time from the FREE version
  • Smoothed controller cursor while moving
  • Added a “VZfit Says” panel to the main menu for news items


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