VZfit Update: September 2020

Release 10.02


  • (QUEST ONLY) Added standup mode for new users to demo VZfit, and for bikers to mixup their workouts
    • It’s offered as an option before you’ve connected to a VZfit-compatible device.  If you’re already connected and want to try it, press Y/B to change device.
    • Be standing up and have a meter of space around you when recentering.
    • You’ll be riding on an “Exerboard” which you can step around.  Your helmet and hand grips will detach if you wander too far from the center.
    • Any head and hands motion will drive your speed.  Head motion is weighted more because it’s harder.
    • A power meter shows your level of effort.  The HUD contains a bike-equivalent rpm and spins.
    • Auto-steering is the default in standup mode, but you can switch to tilt-steering.
    • In first person you’ll see your hand controllers, and in 3rd person you’ll see yourself moving around.
    • Multiplayer, snapshots, and customization all work with your standup avatar.
    • Startup tips recognize you’re in standup demo mode
    • Standup mode isn’t yet on par with biking mode, but will be with a standup mode trainer and more polish
    • To return to bike mode you must restart Explorer.
  • Fixed “flying” rides sometimes when autosteering
  • Mute the coin sound when path isn’t shown
  • Fixed coin label in lower HUD position
  • Fixed judder when turning bike handlebars
  • Controllable resistance of FTMS bikes
  • Framerate improvements


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