VZfit Update: December 2020

Release 12.18 Live!

All releases going forward will be Quest 1/Quest 2 only

System Improvements

Registration Changes
  •  New users, and all players who re-login, will have their VZfit memberships tied to their Oculus ID rather than bikes/device
    • That means players can easily switch between compatible bikes/devices without re-registering
    • Oculus ID registration will work across multiple headsets on the same ID
    •  You can still have VZfit accounts for the whole family, with different profiles and tracking. Using one Oculus ID
  •  Smarter more robust FTMS device connection System will automatically ignore FTMS devices transmitting the wrong output types
  •  Show VZcals rather than Spins for your workout effort


  • Option to switch between new VZCal HUD and old HUD
  • Tuned Feed.FM down by half as it was to loud after an update


  • New players will see standing mode as the default, and be able to signup for VZfit membership without connecting a device
  • Players can switch easily between standing and bike mode in the Devices Menu.
  • Support “move back” in path based rides as well as open ended rides.  This should help you get those premo snapshots a little easier!
  • Hide coins in High Rez Mode
  • Don’t ask for Storage and Location permissions necessary to connect to bluetooth until you connect a device
  • When ending a newly created ride with no destination, automatically delete rather than save it if less than 500m are ridden.  We presume these are test rides and would clutter your created rides.
  • New Store Items Added  Holiday Set and two other items
UI Overhaul
  •  Remade the “Find Rides” screen to give the same filtering/sorting capabilities of vzfit.com/explorer/manage_rides. This is crucial to handle the increased number of shared rides, which we completely love
  •  Never get lost again! Added Google 2D map to Ride Details that shows the ride path
  • 2D map also added to Create Ride, and Pause Menu to show your location.
  • Split up the Main Menu and Pause Menu. This should give you access to the things you want most when riding!
  • New look with pulldowns, toggle buttons, and other controls that are quicker to understand and use
  • Renamed End Ride to Stop Ride, Save Ride, and Cancel Ride buttons depending on situation
  • New Options Screens with clearer categories
  • Button descriptions and tool tips when you hovering over options
  • Choice of HUD configurations
    • Default
    • Cycling
    • None: Will only show the menu button.
  • Choice of Button Pointing modes
    • Gaze based
    • Controller based
  • Added End of Ride Stats Screen with the ability to thumbs up favorite a ride, turn around, and create a new ride from that spot to continue exploring
Workout Improvements
  •  Show graph of each workout intensity when you select them and their time
  • Workout Complete screen will show after each workout is complete. Giving you a summary of the work done and giving you the option to repeat the workout or choose another.
  • Loop workout will over-ride this workout complete screen, and loop the workout forever.
  •  Show where you are in each workout at end of each section
  •  Get end of workout stats when completing a full workout
  •  Standing mode now has the same selection of workouts as biking mode
  •  Added 50 new motion captured exercise moves for the standing mode trainer
  •  Mute trainer option added. For those of you who like the strong silent type. 
  •  Allow you to switch rides without resetting workout
  •  Pause workout when you’re looking at highrez view
  • Show VZcals rather than Spins for your workout effort
Standing mode improvements
  • Improved 3rd person animation
  • Warning light and sound when you get close to edge of exerboard
  • Produce more power when moving your hands above your shoulders. Raise the roof!

12.21 Hotfix

  • Crash bug fixed for new users
  • Trainer in cycling mode should properly display workout progress now
  • Radio on/off button should be more easily understood on the pause menu

12.23 Hotfix

  • Added Map Pop out support for larger Google Maps
  • Added the route lines to maps

12.24 Hotfix

  • Fix some users remembering connection state
  • Fixed Map Path Display
  • Fixed sharing Icon sometimes not showing
  • Show pointer dot over whole Ride Details map


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