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Make a Special Delivery with VirZOOM

We’re pleased to offer one answer to two of our most frequently asked questions today: What games can I use my bike to play in addition to VirZOOM Arcade? And why don’t you guys do Paperboy in VR? Well, good news: Meerkat Gaming brings you Special Delivery, and with their latest public beta, you can now play it with your VirZOOM bike! Meerkat notes on Steam:

This update includes VirZoom and gamepad support, a tutorial level and in-game instruction booklet.
To opt into the beta, right click on the game in your Steam Library and select Properties and navigate to the BETAS tab….
Be sure to share your feedback and suggestions with us!

Our SDK is freely available to any developers who want to add VirZOOM bike support to their VR games. We’ve seen some fun experiments from game jams and hobbyists, and some other exciting projects in the works. Now, with Special Delivery, Meerkat is the first to release a game to the public that takes advantage of the VirZOOM SDK.

If you like the sound of a VR take on Paperboy and Crazy Taxi, check it out! And remember, this is a beta build, so be sure to pass along  your feedback to Meerkat!



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