New 360 Video!

We’ve found that describing VZfit to other people is a bit difficult. Saying “Listen, you control a totally sweet Pegasus with a bike!!” sometimes leaves people a bit confused. So, we here at VirZOOM put our heads together to come up with a better way to convey our excitement to others. After a few ideas that were quickly scrapped (having people ride bikes down the street dressed as cowboys, or bringing ducks to elderly women), we thought that showing our games as 360 videos would be a great way to immerse people in the experience.

You can check out the new 360 video on our site by clicking the “Watch 360” button on vimeo here If you’re on PC, the mouse can be used to look around in the window. If using your phone, you can move the device to look around the world. Make sure that you pick the highest quality possible. We recorded it at 4k at 60 fps! It gives a quick feel for most of our games and what it would be like to play them. Additionally, if you have a VR headset, you can download our best quality version rather than stream it from: and follow the instructions used for 360 video on your headset.

If you like this video, and want to watch some straightforward 2D videos that explain our games in more depth, head over to and click on one of the 12 videos we have on the front page.

We are bringing our 360 video on a portable VR headset to show to gyms who may be interested. So, if you are a gym, or you are a gym goer who thinks VZfit could make your workouts a lot more fun, please contact us at contact (at)


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