PlayStation Launch, a New Blog, and Decked Out Rides

This week brings some fun developments for VirZOOM, including one piece of news we know a lot of you will be excited to hear: VirZOOM Arcade can now be downloaded from the PlayStation Store US and Canada! We’re so grateful for your patience on the way to this point. If you need any help with getting set up, check out, and if you run into any technical issues, please email We can’t wait to hear what you think about it – please drop by our blog to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

And we haven’t forgotten about you users abroad: We’re still working on our European ratings and certification, but we’ll announce more about PlayStation availability in other regions as soon as we can.

Tomorrow: Time to Get Fancy

kayak-festivelightsWe’ve also got some updates coming to VirZOOM Arcade on Steam tomorrow. (Updates like these will come to PlayStation later on down the line, when we are able to patch the game.) In addition to the usual bug fixes and minor tweaks, our November 23rd update will introduce some new avatar upgrades for Tanks and Kayaks.

Tank upgrades appear as flags waving above you for other players to see, plus a nifty decal you can see for yourself right on the front. We here at VirZOOM HQ are especially partial to the lovely little rainbow and “Kilroy Was Here,” but you might also enjoy a Jolly Roger skull-and-crossbones, a flaming sword, or some other graphic that clearly communicates, “I am not here to give you a hug, but to blow up your tank.”

The new Kayak upgrade, meanwhile, strings some festive lights around the edges of your boat. Make sure to play long enough for the sun to set so you have something to illuminate your relaxing trip around the pond by moonlight.

Equip an upgrade by selecting a game in the VirZOOM Arcade main menu and hitting both triggers when it says “Upgrades Available.” Spend the coins you earn in-game to equip an avatar upgrade for one session. Play hard, and you may well keep enough coins in the bank to show that upgrade proudly every time you play. Later on down the line, we’ll also have the option to buy “premium credits” on both Steam and PSN to buy permanent avatar upgrades – a handy option for those who fly a helicopter with homing missiles and decide they never want to go back.

The VirZOOM News Blog

As our regular players know, we update VirZOOM Arcade with new features every couple weeks, periodically including entire new game modes. Up until now, we’ve just been sharing those update announcements with our newsletter subscribers – but we want to share even more! To that end, we’ve launched a news page at

Going forward, we’ll not only announce the changes for any given update, but give a glimpse behind the scenes of how an indie game development studio works with VR, solicit feedback on feature and game ideas we’re kicking around the office, and offer tips for how to get the most out of our games in particular and VR gaming and fitness in general. And if you’re already subscribed to our newsletter, don’t worry: Posts from this blog will automatically be emailed to you, so you’ll still get regular announcements like always.

What kinds of topics would you like to see us cover? If you’re reading this by email, please drop by the blog to leave a comment – and if you’re already on the blog, please comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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