The Ghost(s) of VirZOOM Future

This week brings a number of updates, an eagerly anticipated announcement, and a bunch of shouting ghosts. Let’s get right to it!

Ghosts in VirZOOM Arcade: If you’ve ever played a Friend Challenge, you might have seen “ghosts” – translucent avatars showing replays of your own and others’ earlier attempts at that challenge. We’ve now added that feature to Quickplay, so you’ll see the ghosts of players near you on the leaderboard, and your own highest score that week, in nearly every game (save for Jailbreak!, as it turns out you can have too many ghost cowboys on one screen at a time). This update and the ones that follow are available on Steam now, and will be making it to PlayStation soon.

Shout Improvements: We’ve also made some updates shouts, improving how they show up in a tank, offering some improved variety in text shouts, and allowing ghosts to shout back at you. (“Shouting ghosts” may sound pretty scary, but it’s not so bad when they’re mostly in the form of things like dogs driving race cars texting you to taunt “Eat my dust.”)

Unreal SDK: We’ve had a number of developers contact us about making games for VirZOOM or adding VirZOOM compatibility to their own games. As long as they’ve been making games with Unity, we’ve already had them covered with our free Unity SDK. Now, thanks to all the eager developers working with Unreal expressing interest since launch, we’re now pleased to offer an Unreal 4 plugin for the free VirZOOM SDK. You can read more about this in our online documentation. And keep an eye out for Special Delivery, a VR take on a newspaper delivery classic, with VirZOOM support in the works!

Fixes & Improvements: As a closing note, we’d like to offer our sincerest thanks to everybody who’s taken the time to send us bug reports and general feedback through email and the Steam forum – we’re listening! Most notably, the build that just hit Steam fixes a problem Windows 7 users were having since our previous build. (Sorry about that!) We’ve also been making improvements to things like the registration flow, allowing you to play games easily without registering an account, play in offline mode without unplugging from the internet, and quit VirZOOM Arcade during the registration process without losing your validation code. (Yeah, that was a goofy one. Sorry again!)

We want to let you know that players like you are helping us making VirZOOM better every day. Thanks for your feedback, and keep it coming!


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