Tournament Winners, New Tank Map & Racecar Drivers

This week’s release brings a new map for Tank, a new cosmetic upgrade for Racecar, and a handful of bug fixes. The update’s live on Steam already, and headed to PlayStation shortly. We’ll touch on the new game content in a moment, but first, we’re excited to announce…

vSports Tournament Winners!

This weekend saw our first official Winterstan Tank tournament hosted at vSports venues across North America. We saw over 1300 entries at over a dozen participating venues,  and have now verified the winners…

In 3rd place, with a score of 2,030 (26 tanks destroyed), a distance of 3.66 virtual Km, and a duration of 5 minutes and 53 seconds, is James Bradley!

In 2nd place, with a score of 2,170 (28 tanks destroyed), a distance of 3.91 virtual Km, and a duration of 6 minutes 22 seconds, is Patrik Korda!

And in 1st Place, with a top score of 3,150 (42 tanks destroyed – and additional entries at 29, 32, and 33 tanks destroyed!), a distance of 2.14 virtual Km, and a duration of 8 minutes and 6 seconds, is Abraham Urag!

All three winners played at Evo Gaming in New York City. We’d like to extend our thanks to every venue that hosted this first vSports tournament, including Gamer’s Quest (KS), Section 9 Cyber Cafe (ND), UCI eSports (CA), Virtual World Arcade (CA), VR Noble (ON, Canada), VR Junkies (NM, NY, UT), VR Territory (CA), and Wyandotte Athletic Club (OH).

Not enough Tank news, you say? Well, stick around, because next we’d like to say…

Welcome to Thunder Bowl!

Here at the VirZOOM offices in sunny Boston, Massachusetts, we’re celebrating the first day of spring with a Tank map that brings you to warmer climes. Take a break from Winterstan in a vacation spot where you can catch some sun behind rocky obstacles, meet your friends in extremely cozy spaces, and a stretch out in a charming little tunnel when a mech comes stomping your way.

Our new Tank map, Thunder Bowl, offers a smaller, flatter area for play, offering opportunities to quickly cross paths with other players, make tactical use of new terrain, and – if you’re brave – venture out into the open space in the middle for the shield power-up that could spell victory. Drop in online this week!

Buckle Up…

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to the newest driver in our Racecar circuit, the stag! This is available as a new cosmetic avatar upgrade to join those Labradors on the track. As a reminder, to view options for avatar upgrades, hit both the L and R buttons on Racecar in the main menu. Lean to rotate through menu options and hit R over the mech to equip it. You can spend coins earned from previous matches to rent the stag for once race, or you can purchase it to use as much as you like with credits from the Steam or PlayStation stores. And remember, you can equip the Speed Racer and Stag at the same time so you can cast a neon blur and sport some antlers.

Let us know what you think of the new content – or the tournament! – on our blog or forums.


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