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VZfit Update: June 2020

Hotfix 6.29


  • Prevent destroyed tanks from being respawned if underground


Hotfix 6.27


  • Fix trainer disappearing between rides
  • Fix crash after snapshot of empty image
  • Fix compass button showing when menu isn’t up
    • Note that will fix bike not moving when both were disabled
  • Deal smoothly with network server disconnect
  • Trainer cadence correction
  • Don’t move if pedaling in high-res view
  • Don’t allow hands-only to control game menus

Feature Release 6.24

Known Issue

We are still rarely seeing cases of blue boxes on the screen in both Play and Explorer. If you see this please let support know as we are trying to determine what is causing it.

System Wide

  • Crashlog fixes
  • Limited new usernames to 12 chars
  • Support bluetooth power trainers and cranks


  • Snaphot ability, from More menu and end-of-ride popup
    with special pose and overlay at end-of-ride

    • uses gender specification if first-person, otherwise 3rd person gender
  • high-res images get loaded when you stop
  • hold B/Y to see them from street view without overlays
  • limited custom ride names to 30 chars, and don’t automatically include ” Ride” suffix
  • fix occasional falling thru world
  • distribute tips to ? button on each menu
  • “Hide Path” option
  • Save trainer state between sessions
  • “Voice Chat” option that defaults off, and now default “Matchups” on
  • Fix drift between rider matchups
  • Smoother moving matchup riders
  • Easier for vz staff to reset stuck ride locations
  • Resolution increase for maximum sharpness on Quest and Go
  • more robust strava uploads


  • Freemium can play current event
  • Hands free launch ability
  • Day/night swtch for Cali Rally and Le Tour
  • Pride celebration rainbow in shell/menu
  • Respawn AI tanks that haven’t been shot or found after a few minutes
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some upgrades to turn off when others where turned on


  • Open to your ranking page
  • Add ability to view snapshot gallery to profile page


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