VZfit Update: July 2020

Update 7.28


  • Fixed “Unknown” ride descriptions
  • Make POI available in Country and Comfort modes as well as City
    • Each mode has its own POI setting, in case you want to keep them with City mode like now
  • Group related options with colors
  • Fix starting direction of new open rides to follow the road
  • Don’t allow high-res switch while on menu
  • Remove created rides monthly limit
  • Handle path loading better

Hotfixes 7.20-7.23


  • Workaround for Google data issue causing blue screens
  • Includes improvements to road alignment on image transitions


  • Fix grandma’s feeding ducks in Lotus Pond
  • Fix heli crash when shooting at boats
  • Fix white road at night in Cali Rally
  • These were fallout from internal system updates


Hotfix 7.9


  • Fix male’s shadow and skinning and appearance bugs
  • Fix “online gameplay failed” after holding B for street view
  • Upload measured power from smart trainers to Strava


Update 7.8


  • Skin color option for your avatar
  • Use vzfit.com gender for matchups when you’re in 1st person view
  • Fix being stuck underground after a long pause
  • Fix incorrect spins report after you take off headset during a ride
  • Warn user about slow image streaming
  • Suggest user increase difficulty if always outpacing trainer
  • Rename “New” to “Shared” rides tab

System Wide

  • Added FTMS trainer support (with default sim settings but not dynamic resistance yet)
  • Adjust game response of speed sensors & trainers to better match cadence sensors & trainers
  • Potentially fix “blue blobs” (please let us know if you see more!)


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