VZfit Update: March 2020


  • Fixed white dot stoppage when path lookup finds a nearer user-provided Streetview image than Google car image
  • Made “resume” button come before “ride from start” and “ride from end”
  • Fixed texture seam in female arm
  • More saturated sky in City Mode
  • Fixed re-centering using Quest hand controller button

System Wide

Support cadence and speed sensors

  • can use with Oculus hand controller or bluetooth media button
  • use B button (Quest) or touchpad button (Go) to reverse
  • Made lean steering more responsive
  • Head tilt option on Quest
  • Re-tuned difficulties 1-4 to allow slower devices like ellipticals
  • Remember difficulty setting between runs
  • Reconnect to sleeping cadence sensors
  • Handle either Oculus trigger
  • Only connect to last bike sensor (unless you press A for new sensor)
  • This avoids connection confusion in multi-bike/sensor scenarios
  • Fixed button to recenter on Go controller
  • Report low battery on cadence/speed sensors


Lotus Pond game level added

  • get ducks to follow you to grandmas during the day
  • lead fish with food to blue gems and away from red gems

  • Fixed distant tree shimmering in Pegasus levels
  • Fixed apple locations in Gate Race after a restart
  • Fixed equipping of Gold Pegasus and Cycle Horn upgrades
  • Fixed gems and crates sometimes under Winterstan terrain
  • Added Keep Flying and Lotus Pond to weekly challenges
  • Added boats to later levels in River Run
  • Changed tank multiplayer games to 10 minutes
  • Fixed AI tank deadzone in Winterstan
  • Prevent Mech from walking through Thunderbowl arch
  • Don’t respawn in tank next to an opponent
  • Remove tank after cowboy Tutorial
  • Warn when running Explorer if it isn’t installed
  • Disable accidental logging when playing Pegasus (could consume disk space)
  • Fixed some floating trees in Lotus Pond
  • Fixed edge case of crate placement in Winterstan
  • Sync weekly spins to timezone
  • Fixed heli boat appearance


  • Sync weekly spins to timezone


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