VZfit Update: February 2020


  • New City Mode to reduce distortion, primarily in cities
  • Projects Streetview images onto solid building geometry
  • Overlays roads to cover up distorted cars
  • Always flat to avoid elevation errors
  • Tilt Steering option on the Quest, to turn with just your head like the Go
  • Flipping through Comfort Mode now doesn’t reset your stored viewpoint
  • Fix re-centering offset when you were turning at same time
  • Rename “Ride From Start”, “Ride From End”, and “Resume Ride %” for clarity
  • Show “Reverse Direction” on open-ended ride pause menu
  • Make options clearer with “Trainer: None” instead of “No Trainer”
  • Don’t ask twice for mic permission
  • Exit button on More menu
  • Support Oculus controller buttons in addition to VZ Thumb Controller
  • Fixed light color and shadow direction computed from sky in City mode
  • Don’t hide resume button when you’ve ridden less than 1%
  • Better logic for loading images to keep up with your speed and network bandwidth
  • Manage memory better during city mode to prevent Go from running low
  • Don’t jump ahead if can’t get images due to no internet, only if there’s no image data
  • Add another progress save checkpoint
  • Smoother camera motion with respect to environment. We were already at the highest monitor refresh but this smooths out motion between frames even more, so that geometry and the trainer are even more solid.
  • Fixed match-up bug introduced with City Mode
  • Had to undo smoothing on the Go pending further investigation
  • Fixed view drift caused by smoothing
  • Restored smoother camera movement to Go
  • Fixed maddening bug where first time players sometimes were frozen in place without menu
  • Fixed “jumping ahead” when there’s no image data immediately along a path
  • Warn user if VZfit Play is not installed when they launch from More menu
  • Fixed trainer teleporting when user toggles Matchups


  • Fixed missing gems in Gem Hunt!
  • Improved lighting on canyon trees


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