VZfit Update: November 2019


  • New path loading algorithm
  • Fixes cases of being stuck on path with no white dots
  • Minimizes image loading to improve performance
  • Jump over parts of directions that don’t contain Streetview samples
  • Better tracking of white dots and virtual motion over hills
  • Fixed case of white dots persistently heading off road
  • Added “Enable/Disable Highways” option to Create Rides
  • Always disallow ferry rides
  • Fixed logging in with different account
  • Smoothed bike animation in first person
  • Fixed outlines on distance and trainer text
  • This doesn’t include the big distortion fixes we promised, but we’re making progress you can see here. Also these changes set up our upcoming ability to make totally custom rides.
  • Build for 64-bit to meet upcoming Oculus requirement
  • Fix unintentional recentering when putting headset on after transitioning back to setup mode
  • Fix missing bike after timing out of Photon network with Matchups enabled
  • Fix jumping to sections of no images until you get to the last image that’s loaded
  • Login with sensor/bike ID after restart if logged out
  • Fix for a path loading crash
  • Fix for matchups with very long paths
  • Support for new VZ Button
  • Fix some hangups by adding timeout period to web calls
  • Fixed crash when finishing an “empty” ride


  • Fixed further River Run spawning issues
  • Fixed ammo crates overriding bonus ammo in Tank
  • Fixed ability to run off edges of Winterstan
  • 64-bit build to meet upcoming Oculus requirement
  • Prevent problem updating Event leaderboards
  • Fixed falling out of tunnel in Cali Rally
  • Cleaned up Cali Rally roadway
  • Rename DEMO to TUTORIAL on main screen
  • Prevent “shout” menu when hitting dpad on VZ Bike
  • Support for new VZ Button
  • Fixed crash when launching Explorer
  • Fix non-colliding buildings in Winterstan


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