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VZfit Update: October 2019


  • Improved frame-rate more on the Go
  • Fixed rare crash reports
  • These aren’t the distortion fixes you’ve been looking for, but make the Go a lot more playable when battery gets low!


  • New Cali Rally cycling level
  • Restored and improved frame-rate on Go
  • 3rd person view options in cycling levels
  • Mph option in cycling levels
  • Fixed multiplayer wins on for Gate Race and cycling levels
  • Closer AI tanks in Winterstan multiplayer
  • Fixed labels in Racecar multiplayer
  • Fixed heli missile spawning in later levels
  • XRHealth integration
  • Smoothed Cali Rally road in some places
  • Fixed Pegasus skin peeking through power meter on her back
  • Fixed gem-related crash in Pegasus



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