Now Introducing Crossplay!

Looking for cycling companions, pegasus partners, or a multiplayer tank battle? As of our latest update, finding other players in VirZOOM Arcade will be easier than ever before. Thanks to the addition of PC/PS4 crossplay, we’ve effectively doubled the number of players you’ll be able to see online.

“Crossplay” refers to the ability to see players who are using a different kind of system from yours. Previously, if you were playing VirZOOM on a PC, you’d only see other HTC Vive and Oculus Rift players, and if you were on PlayStation, you’d only see other PS VR players. Now you can see any other VirZOOM player, regardless of their setup. If you have a friend with VirZOOM on another system, now’s the time to challenge them to beat your high score.

If you’re on PC, the only obvious difference will be more players online at a time. If you’re on PlayStation, you’ll be able to tell which players are on PC because it’ll say “PC” beside their name. Your fellow PlayStation players will display their PSN names in case you want to add them as a friend on your PlayStation account. If you want them as a friend on your VirZOOM account as well (or instead), you can search on My VirZOOM using both VirZOOM account names and PlayStation account names.

As always, you can drop by the forums to let us know what you think, and email us at with any technical support requests. We look forward to seeing you online!


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