Rider Spotlight: BakerBiker

Doug, better known as BakerBiker, has been a part of the VZfit Community since the start! Doug is a bread baker- hence his username- and his company, Columbia County Bread specializes in a unique sprouted whole grain bread that they ship to customers all over the country.

What was your workout routine like before you had VZfit ?

Ten tortuous minutes on a stair climber and maybe a walk around the neighborhood once or twice a week.

What problems were you trying to solve with VZfit?

I always loved biking – wherever I lived. But when we moved to rural PA, I immediately realized the curvy narrow roads and distracted drivers made bicycle riding dangerous.  I looked into gym memberships but I could never get motivated on a daily basis to make it worthwhile.  I needed an activity I could stick with.

Did you explore any similar products to VZfit? And if so why did you choose us?

Yes, I looked at numerous VR fitness programs but VZfit was one of a few that was attuned to the bicycle.  I had been thinking about trying VZFit but I wasn’t sure I’d take to the games so I posted on VZFit’s facebook page asking if they could link rides to google’s street views. They invited me to try VZExplorer as a beta tester. I said okay, got the head gear and the VZfit device and absolutely love it. And, they keep improving it. It’s really great and inspiring to see what other people are doing on Explorer – creating unique and very cool rides.

Which App do you use most, VZfit Play or Explorer?

I go back and forth.  I like the competitive nature of Play but Explorer is the perfect way to unwind while exercising and seeing something new in the world.

Favorite route in Explorer?

I’m a bit of a civil war buff so I love biking around historic civil war battlefields.  Gettysburg for instance – biking through the site of the notorious Andersonville Prison was remarkable.  I don’t think I ever would have gotten there otherwise.

Andersonville Historic Site Andersonville Historic Site

What impact has VZfit had on you and your life?

I’m amazed that I can get on my bike, log into VZfit and within what seems like a matter of minutes, check the clock and realize I’ve been on for nearly an hour.  So I get off, hydrate, towel off and think, if I didn’t have to make dinner right now, I could go another hour… That’s just not how I ever related to exercise before VZfit.

To people unfamiliar with us, how would you describe VZfit in 3 words?

Well worth it.

What would you tell someone who is considering VZfit?

Try it – test it out.  You’ll get hooked.

Anything you’d like to add?

I’m excited for what VR will offer in the future in the way of exercise and I’m encouraged by the way VZfit dedicates itself to improving their platform and constantly reaching out for feedback.   I’m hoping someday VZExplorer will be able to link to drone flights.  I think flying above the treetops over cities and towns would be an incredible biking sensation.

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