Upcoming Stats Changes

Over the past year VZfit has grown in many ways. As we get closer to our store release many of the most dramatic improvements are on the way, along with some changes. One of those changes is with our leaderboard and scoring system. In the next update we will be retiring Spins as a metric, and moving to VZcal.

Why Spins?

Since the early days of Virzoom we’ve had a global weekly leaderboard of basic usage, in addition to leaderboards and events based on game coins.  In the VirZOOM Arcade days that basic usage was “virtual kilometers,” which we changed to Spins for VZfit to avoid confusion with how far you move, which can differ by game. This Spins number is also used in both apps’ Heads Up Display (HUD), detailed usage reports, and Weekly goals.

Why Change?

Well, because VZfit is changing. As we have added additional support for other ways to work out such as bike trainers, ellipticals, rowers, and standing exercises, the Spins have made less sense as that measure. Since they’ve been such an integral part of our apps and your motivation, we have been doing some math in the background to try to convert these numbers into Spins initially. As we got closer to our store release, we recognized that standing exercises will be the first way new players experience VZfit. We needed a new number, something that works across all of the workout options we provide, so we created the VZcal.

What is a VZcal!?

Simply put, a VZcal is our estimate of the work you produce on any device that can drive VZfit.

We aren’t calling it actual Calories because it only takes the motion and data provided by the device into consideration, not your body weight or heart rate or other factors which affect the actual amount your body burns. So please do not use it for accurate health tracking, but do consider it a measure of your overall motion effort that can be compared across devices and VZfit games.  For users who are counting calories, the Oculus Move app, your fitness tracker, or fitness device should be the calorie number you use as it is more personally tailored to your body.


We know that moving up the leaderboards and tracking your weekly activity are a big deal for many of you, and the leaderboards were a key part of why we have made this change.  We want all of our users to be part of one community and having them all on one leaderboard, using one measurement is the best way to achieve that.  When this update is released all the Spin leaderboards on VZfit.com will be converted to VZcal.  The conversion rate is approximately 7 Spins for each VZcal, and will be applied across the board so the current leaderboard ordering will be unaffected.

We know that many of you have been using Spins as a measurement for over a year and we are as sad to see them go as you are.  For those users who still find the spin and rpm numbers useful on a bike, we’ll be providing an option that allows you to keep that HUD in both Explorer and Play. The two options can be seen below:

For All Users


Optional For Cyclists

CyclistUIWe are very excited for the future and can’t wait for everyone to see the other changes coming in this update, which we expect to hit around December 15th.  As always keep the feedback coming and thanks for joining us on this ride!

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