Upgrade Your Avatar & Make a Special Delivery at GDC

This week’s update brings a number of tweaks and fixes: We’ve optimized several games for appropriately quick rounds in Hotseat mode, made it easier to track where you’re at with your weekly calorie goal in the main menu, produced some fancy-pants lily pad physics to Kayak, and added the option to purchase items with credits in Steam (which you can already do on PS4). Those updates are now live on Steam, and heading to PlayStation shortly.

Buy yourself something nice… Do you like playing as a mech in Winterstan, but have trouble scraping together enough virtual coinage for anything more than the occasional rental? Does your chopper just not feel complete without homing missiles? Perhaps you’ve decided that a panda in a kayak or a dog in a racecar would be even more delightful while decked out in brightly colored lights every time you play? Well, now you can permanently buy any of our avatar upgrades through both the PlayStation Network and through Steam by purchasing credits. Now is the time to finish training for that mech pilot’s license.

VirZOOM’s at GDC! If you’re at the Game Developers Conference this week, drop by to visit us at booth #2432. Even if you’re already well acquainted with VirZOOM Arcade, this is your chance to take a peek at Meerkat Gaming’s Special Delivery on a VirZOOM bike, supported through our free SDK.

And speaking of Special Delivery… With official VirZOOM support in Special Delivery 2.0, and a 10% discount running for Special Delivery on Steam, now’s a great time to pick it up! We’re happy to answer any questions about playing with your VirZOOM bike, but remember, Special Delivery is made by Meerkat Gaming – if you have any questions about that game, hit them up on Twitter or Facebook!


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