VZfit for Oculus Go & Quest, Now Available!

** Edit** The VZfit Sensor Kit is no longer available read more here.

Since we announced VZfit, we’ve been looking for ways to bring it to home fitness customers, and have seen your requests for the sensor and support for the Oculus Go.

We agree that the Oculus Go & Quest are terrific and affordable personal VR platforms, and are excited to announce that our games will run on them with the VZfit Sensor Kit, along with a great new application!

The VZfit Sensor Kit adapts any stationary bike to play in your home, gym, or on the road.  Attach its wireless speed sensor to your bike crank, and its wireless action button to your handlebar, and you’re ready to roll.

The sensor kit is now available for $99.95 plus a $9.95/month or $99.95/year license to play all VZfit applications.  We are releasing it with two applications exclusively for the Oculus Go & Quest:

  • VZfit Play, our existing collection of well-reviewed fitness games, optimized for mobile VR and redesigned for better workouts, head-to-head challenges, and online events.  Check out this 360 degree video for an idea of what to expect.
  • VZfit Explorer, a brand-new application that allows you to ride anywhere through the world in VR.

We really believe the ways VR can motivate exercise are limitless, and will continue to deliver new content for these apps.  Developers can also make applications for the sensor kit with the free VZfit Software Development Kit on Windows and Android platforms, without restrictions or royalties.

The sensor kit is not compatible with our old VirZOOM Arcade or VirZOOM Gamepad Emulator.  But owners of existing VirZOOM Bike Controllers play VZfit apps on them with a free lifetime license, in gratitude to our early adopters.

Click here to order now!

** Edit** The VZfit Sensor Kit is no longer available read more here.

We are Riding in a New Direction


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