Explore Carmel-by-the-Sea

The Highway 1 ride through Monterey County California has been a suggested ride on Explorer since it’s release back in March of this year due to its stunning views. It is also the inspiration for our next Play game: Cali Rally. The virtual route route is a 14.7 mile long ride along the California coast.  

Highway 1 is the best-known scenic drive in Monterey County, and one of the top scenic drives in the world. It’s a National Scenic Byways Program All-American Road and a State Scenic Highway. It’s been named one of the best scenic drives in the U.S. by Forbes, ShermansTravel, Falcon Guides, SmarterTravel, GORP, and Lonely Planet, one of the world’s best drives by London’s Sunday Times, and a “Drive of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler.

The route starts in Carmel- by-the sea and winds down the California coast through Monterey County down to Big Sur.  The whole ride is filled with breathtaking views, but there are a few stand out stops along the way. 

About mid way through the route you’ll ride over one of the most iconic bridges in America: Bixby Creek Bridge. It’s no surprise that Bixby Creek Bridge has been used as a filming location in numerous car commercials, but most would recognize it from the opening credits of HBO’s Big Little Lies. (🎶ooooOOoh OoOooOoh)

As if this ride could get any more beautiful, the Google Maps data was taken during a perfect golden hour sunset. Keep an eye out for some horses taking in the sunset at Notley’s Landing. Be sure to snap a pic while driving past Notley’s Landing veiwpoint! 

Channel your inner Madeline McKenzie as you ride off into the sunset (literally) with this stunning coastal route. 

Check out this curated ride anytime and remember you can always make your own. If you snap a few pics remember to tag us @VirZoom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know what you love. 


Blog Update: Head-to-Head

If you have been following our blog for a while you may recall back in May we posted a Head-to-Head Games and Voice Chat post. Head-to-head events was discussed there and , due to popular demand, we are rolling them out again starting this week.

These events will be weekly recurring head-to-head matches with scheduled hours so people can meet up and try it out. If you haven’t tried competitive play yet you will be amazed at how fast a workout goes. Check them out starting tonight with Thunderbowl.

  • Le Tour: Tuesdays 8-10 PM Eastern
  • Gate Race: Wednesdays 8-10 PM Eastern
  • Curvy Race: Thursday 8-10 PM Eastern
  • Thunderbowl: Fridays 8-10 PM Eastern 



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