VZfit Update: January 2020


  • Fixed “gaps in white dots” that recently appeared in Streetview lookups
  • Fixed crash when matching up with another rider in an open-ended ride
  • Fixed blue parts of images when switching out of Comfort Mode
  • Optimized gap fix to reduce network bandwidth
  • Increased dot loading distance by 10m
  • Fix Create Ride search issue
  • Fix bike missing after a long break from the game if matchups are enabled
  • Fix hang on MEMBERSHIP VERIFIED if sensor goes to sleep on setup screen


  • Added Keep Flying game for Pegasus!
  • Added trees to all pegasus games
  • Allow Oculus hand controller buttons in addition to VZ Button (A/X/trigger for A, B/Y/Back for B)
  • Able to Exit app from Options menu
  • Prevent and warn once about backward pedaling in cowboy, cycle, and pegasus games (to help users that connected while pedaling backwards)
  • Allow backward pedaling in Heli to hover
  • Work around very rare “can’t turn left/right” issue
  • Reduce amount you have to lean left/right in Quest tutorial


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