Put Your Friends in the Hotseat


Summer holidays are coming, and you know what that means: parties! And also, trying to strike a balance between enjoying lovely weather and melting in the sun. If you’ve got a party coming up and you’re inviting some fans of the great indoors, it’s good time remember you that your VZ Bike Controller is useful for more than just your daily workout. When your guests need some time in the shade, don’t forget that you can all visit the snowy hills of Winterstan in Hotseat mode.

Most of the time, you probably launch VirZOOM Arcade into Quickplay mode (to play any game you want) or Custom Workout mode (to put together a playlist, or to shuffle between games for a set amount of time). But did you know there’s also a mode that lets a room full of people each take turns and compare scores? When you launch VirZOOM Arcade, lean to either side to scroll through menu options until you reach “Hotseat.” Then just pick a game and go!

Hotseat games have been specially tuned for quickly taking turns—more party game than workout. These games are shorter and faster, making sure everybody gets a turn, and players are swapping in and out enough to keep things exciting. Get hit just once in a tank, for instance, and it’s time to pass the headset.

After each player’s turn, VirZOOM Arcade shows a running tally of scores so you can see who’s on top. It’ll assign names to each player, or, if you have a headset with a built-in microphone on PC, you can even tell it your name out loud. (If you’ve ever tried any speech recognition software, you know that marveling at how a computer interprets your words can be its own kind of fun.)

But wait, you may say—what if I more than one VirZOOM bike? (We know you’re out there!) Hotseat games are single-player and offline only, so you could just have players taking turns even more often. If you want some head-to-head multiplayer action, though, all you have to do is jump into Quickplay mode. When two players join a game at the same time, the odds are extremely good that you’ll find each other. You can also create a special challenge to make it easier to compare your scores at My VirZOOM. If you do play head-to-head Quickplay at a party, we recommend Thunder Bowl, as the tighter space keeps matches quicker, and the flat ground is easier on VR newbies. (And we know some of you are looking forward to setting up private challenges to guarantee you’ll play with your friends and no one else. Stay tuned—we haven’t forgotten you!)

Whether you spend your summer holidays in the sun or in VR, stay hydrated! And stay tuned in the coming weeks for more news on VZ Sensor, VirZOOM games making their way to mobile headsets, and new VirZOOM Arcade games already being prototyped.


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