Zooming Around Magic Mountain

We write a lot in this space about the VirZOOM experience for the at-home user, but one of the most common questions we get happens to be: Where else can you use VirZOOM? That answer’s going to be a whole lot broader when the VZ Sensor comes out in a few months, of course. In the meantime, players are getting their minds blown (and their tanks blown up) at Six Flags Magic Mountain, just outside Los Angeles, using a new head-to-head setup we’ve been excited to try for some time.

Our Magic Mountain setup sees four players at a time on VirZOOM bikes with Samsung Gear VR, facing off in a private Winterstan match. The winner of each match walks away sporting a new Wonder Woman hat, Superman cape, or other appropriately heroic accessory to commemorate their victory. And the high score for the day comes back to collect a brand new Gear VR with controller.

As we’ve written about before, we’ve mostly focused on “drop-in, drop-out” multiplayer experiences. We figure the at-home user needs to be able to come and go as they please, not sit around waiting for other players to start or finish their workout. With more and more people requesting VirZOOM for special events and tournaments, however, we’re excited to explore new models for head-to-head play.

And just as a follow-up to those of who who’ve been waiting for VirZOOM bikes to make it to your neighborhood so you can try before you buy: Even if you aren’t close to Six Flags Magic Mountain or any of the vSports venues and retailers hosting VirZOOM bikes, don’t forget that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Honest, if you try it and don’t love it, we’ll take it back, no charge.

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming feature updates, porting VirZOOM Arcade to mobile VR, and new games making their way out of the prototyping phase and into your heart (or at least your leg muscles).


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