Soar The Open Skies


Keep Flying, VZfit Play’s 11th game, and the 3rd in our Pegasus series, offers the advanced VZfit player a unique experience and challenge that brings new life to our canyon level, both in gameplay and design- and is available today!

Spring Has Come to the Canyon

The first thing you may notice in this video is that the home of our beloved Pegasus has a new look. What was once an arid desert now has more life with lush trees springing up all around. Not only will this new look be featured in Keep Flying, but you will also get to enjoy it in Gate Race and Gem Hunt. We hope you like it as much as the racoons and rabbits of the canyon do!


It’s All About the Energy

Out of all of the games in VZfit Play, Keep Flying provides the most challenge and room for improvement with play.  The game play consists of you precisely swooping over tree-tops, while 

collecting apples and gems and managing your flight energy, which is represented by the blue stripe on the Pegasus.  Apples provide a small coin amount and energy, and the gems provide larger boosts of energy and more coins, but are more rare.


The goal is- you guessed it- to keep flying! To do so you will have to be smart about when you flap your wings to fly higher, and when to spread them and glide.

Your score multiplier increases every 20 apples or gems you collect,  but be strategic because they won’t respawn while you’re in the air! Run out of energy and your

Pegasus will gently float back down to the ground, resetting your score multiplier and respawning all of the apples and gems.

Stay Golden Ponyboy 

We are all very excited for you to get in there and start working on your flight endurance! Let’s see how high you can get those scores…and remember, you can always use the coins you earn while playing to upgrade to the Golden Pegasus and leave your competition in the dust!


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