How This Elementary School Teacher is Using VZFit in PE Class


Joseph Lucero has been teaching physical education in Denver Public Schools for 23 years. He prides himself on fostering an environment where students can learn to love physical education.


  • I love the fact that I can make a positive impact on the success of each of my students every day.

20200127_085057This year Joe introduced VZFit to his 1st-5th graders in an effort to give students the opportunity to have fun while exercising. Joe realized that kids will always love video games, so instead of taking them away he decided to incorporate them into his gym class. “I wanted fitness to be fun and exciting”, Joe says. “VZfit allows for video game fun while working those core muscles. When students get off the bike they are sweating and smiling. Wanting to go again!” The initial response from Joe’s students was great! They were having fun while getting active. Joe says “If P.E. is not the most enjoyable part of the day for your students, then you are not teaching it right.”


  • Being a Physical Education teacher is great!  If I make P.E. fun and exciting for my students they treat me like a Rock Star!

Since the great response from his students, Joe has been looking into more virtual reality fitness options. However, he says “VZFit seems to be the only one of its kind at this point.” Joe’s students rotate between VZFit Play and Explorer daily. He says their curiosity is shooting through the roof. “What will Mr. Lucero bring in next?”

Do you have a story similar to Joe? A fun and creative way that your using your VZFit?  We would love to hear from you!


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