This High Jump Olympian is Preparing for the 2020 Olympics with VZfit

At 5’4 Inika Mcpherson is the shortest high jumper to have ever made it to the Olympic Finals- competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. She is known for her unique hairstyles and tattoos that make her stand out during events!

Inika is passionate about working hard and chasing your goals which made her a great fit for a brand ambassador for VZfit.  Last month, she got to give it a try and has been making it part of her training routine for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience:


Incredible. I absolutely love VZfit and all it has to offer. Not only do I get a great workout…. I can also use its other features to study my craft in becoming a better athlete.

Training on the Go

One of the unique features of VZfit is that it’s portable and easily fits in your gym bag! Inika takes her VZfit to the gym to get her workout in, but we have many users who use it while traveling and on the go.

Just had an amazing work out using my new @virzoom if you love cycling you’ll absolutely love this device and its many features to help study your craft as well as work towards achieving my optimal fitness goals, taking training to a New Level!!!

Want to train like an Olympian? Learn more about VZfit here and subscribe to our mailing list for updates! To follow Inika’s road to 2020 check out her Instagram.



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