Ireland Challenge 2022

With VZfit, you’re able to experience the beauty of various parts of the world from the comfort of your own home while getting in a good workout. If you’re an avid cyclist, the winter months tend to get a bit mundane. Summer and spring are filled with epic rides and explorations. If you are missing the feeling of pedaling past breathtaking views, VZfit helps you get there. With special destinations and curated rides through some of the most world-renowned routes in the world, you’re sure to have a blast while getting in your daily exercise. 

Curated Rides Through History

With the Irish Pirates and Valentia Island cycling routes in VZfit, riders take a trip through time as well as to a whole new landscape. One of the most alluring aspects of the challenge rides in Ireland is the combination of beautiful natural scenery as well as historical landmarks. Ireland truly has a breathtaking combination of these two elements which makes the rides epic and fun.  

Sheep marked with colorful dye grazing in green pastures. Adult sheep and baby lambs feeding in lush green meadows of Ireland.

Irish Pirates Challenge Ride

The Irish Pirates Challenge Ride is curated to pass through some historical landmarks. This ride links three separate castles owned by the Pirate Queen Granuaile. The Pirate Queen has a very interesting history which makes the ride that much more exciting. The Queen was born to the chieftain of the O’Maille clan. This clan was known for being a seafaring family of Noble descent. They were known to tax the fishermen passing through their waters for their catch. The Pirate Queen Granuaile was born during the reign of King Henry the VIII during the 1530s. 

At the time, her father would not allow her to go out to sea with the men. His reasoning for his daughter was that her long hair would get stuck in the ship’s ropes. Ever the tenacious woman, Queen Granuaile shaved her head so she could accompany her father on an expedition. This is how she ended up with the name Granuaile which is believed to be a melding of the Gaelic word for bald. 

In addition to the rich history accompanying this route, riders will also get to take in the epic and majestic scenery of the landscape of Ireland. Primarily, the ride covers the coast. The beginning of the route offers epic views of the mossy green islands along the coast. The ride continues past various waterways. Towards the end of the ride, you’ll be able to take in the views of the White Cliffs of Ashleam at Wild Atlantic Way. The jagged cliffs along the coast offer spectacular views. 

Valentia Island Challenge Ride

The Valentia Island Challenge Ride is another wonderful ride to take to experience an entirely new landscape in Ireland. The island is off the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. The ride starts on the Iveragh Peninsula and takes you across the Maurice O’Neill Memorial Bridge at Portmagee. Crossing the bridge as you pedal delivers such spectacular views that you may forget you are experiencing it through a virtual reality headset. As you cross the blue water, you’ll get magnificent views of the moss-green hills of Valentia Island. 

The route takes you down towards the southern part of Valentia Island where you turn towards the northeast at Telegraph Field. From here, you’ll get to look around and take in epic views of the ocean and mossy mounds of islands off in the distance. Telegraph Field at Valentia Island serves as a scenic overlook. From here, you’ll head to the northeastern corner of the island to a town called Knightstown. The picturesque town is one the most eastern point of the island and the Challenge Ride takes you right to the coast so you can take in all the splendor of the island before continuing on your way. 

From Knightstown, the curated ride takes you down scenic roads past quaint bed and breakfasts and green rolling hills. At this point, you will make your way back towards the Maurice O’Neill Memorial Bridge at Portmagee for the end of the ride. The end of the route has just as much beauty as the rest of the ride. The route will take you to another scenic look off the coast in the town of Reenglass. This ride takes you through quaint and historic coastal towns as well as the countryside and ocean views.


Challenge Ride: Ireland

The rides through Ireland are beautifully curated and sure to bring some culture and natural splendor to your workout. The country is famous for its natural beauty and rich history. So get out your headset and bike and get ready to explore the wonders of beautiful Ireland. We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun and feel good about getting a good workout in all at the same time. 


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